Bye Bye Seoul

Seoul Sadly, it was time to say goodbye to amazing Seoul. Originally, today was dedicated to exploring Incheon area, however since I bought so much yesterday, carrying  heavy suitcase around was not an option anymore. Instead, I walked the streets of  Hongdae one last time.

Salmon & Avocado Brunch This brunch  at the Again Fresh cafe, which is located right beside the Hongdae subway station was a long waited for. Since the place is only opens at 11 am, I kept missing the opportunity to have late breakfast there, but today I finally had delicious salmon & avocado salad that I have wanted for so long.



No  to heavy suitcase As I mentioned earlier carrying  heavy suitcase around was not an option for me, and luckily I found a cheap storage in the basement, beside the subway station.


Photos & printing

Next part of the day was spend sorting out my Vietnamese visa papers, printing out the invitation letter, looking for a white background to take a sneaky picture & printing it. Since Hongdae area has a university, finding a printing place wasn’t hard at all.

Wandering around & bimbibap

Last thing on my ‘must try’ Korean food list was bimbibap, and surprisingly  it wasn’t as easy to find as I would hoped. After good half an hour search, I finally found what I was looking for in an empty restaurant on one of the smaller streets of Hongdae.




Getting to airport was easy but one I was there things were just no going as great as I would hoped. Firstly, I had to spend almost two hours in JeJu air checking in queue, because of course for some stupid reason the website wouldn’t let me check in online or at one of them self services machines at the airport.  Then a lovely staff at the information desk informed me that there is only food courts in designated areas, which so happened to be in a different terminal to where my gate was. So of course I had to run around trying to get some food.  But since there was a problem with gas pipe all around the airport, food courts were limited on what they could serve and the queues were long. I end up getting some tacos from Taco Bell, which took almost twenty minutes. To my shock and disappointment, when I did get to my terminal I found it to be less busy and with plenty of food options! Cheers to the guy on the information desk for doing such great job! Never less I have made to my flight and fell asleep straight away, I had an empty seat beside me to stretch out my legs.



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