Design Plaza & a night out


Since I already knew that I will be heading out for few drinks in the evening, I wanted to make sure that today was a pretty chilled day. Never less it was important to do some exploring and the Design Plaza just so happened to be on my sightseeing list.

Dongdaemun Design Plaza

This urban landmark is a must see for anyone interested in design or architecture, the building complex is stuns with it beauty and simplicity. Inside, there are several exhibition spaces as well as a cafe and a shop, which sell all sort of products beautifully designed. I actually purchased some very unique moon earnings.

I also attended the Pixar exhibition, that featured history of the studio as well as an inside information  on how all of my favorite movies were created, and how much time and work they take.

Seoul Seoul

Seoul Seoul

Drinks in Itaewon

I am not even going to go in too much detail about this whole experience. After spending some much time in Hongdae, I think I had too hight expectation of Itaewon. After being in 3 or 4 bars, I was just getting feed up. Expensive drinks, popular music & average atmosphere – Itaewon was just not for me.

On a bright side my and Anton got to wear matching outfits.

Seoul Seoul

Seoul Seoul

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